Is this the end of Solar Power?

Today’s economy is hardly pushing anyone to go out and switch their energy supplier to a greener source so you may be forgiven if you think that there is a decline, maybe even an end to solar power. Government cuts in the feed in tariff scheme seem to put an end to the switch incentives which now casts an uncertain shadow over solar power as our go to renewable energy source. The feed in tariff saw the supply of solar panels increase by 900% since launching in April 2010; if sales of solar panels remained consistent or grew then customers would see a steady return. Rather than thinking this is a main reason to switch, you also need to think of other factors as to why you would purchase Solar PV Panels.

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Climate change is another factor that can make you think the end of solar energy is impending however it is the advancements in today’s technology that has enabled us to develop our solar panels to work whatever the weather. Try not to think about the return you would have got, if any, from the feed in tariff but the effect using solar energy would have on your utility bills. Solar energy and the need for solar power is growing by the day so think of the positives and look to Solar King to help you make switching the right decision.

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