Is Big Business Looking To Take Control Of The Solar Market

With more and more large conglomerates looking to enter the Solar power market it true to say that the industry could be due some considerable investment in the coming years regardless of any EU cap or not. While the large scale solar PV projects may have to fight harder for investment if we are led to be believed by the negative effects of decreased EU renewable targets and need for increased competition to meet government cut lines, in the UK at least.

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Have Big Business Spotted The Solar Opportunity

With the number of solar power installs within the UK recently hitting the 500,000th mark joint with increasing energy prices and decreasing solar system costs this has brought a multitude of big business into the solar panels market within recent years.

Is The Solar Industry Large enough To Take More Competition

With the expected numbers only looking to increase in the coming years based on recent DECC figures and projections and recent studies from the Imperial College London forecasting to a degree a solar boom in the coming years the appetite for solar is expected to continue to grow in the UK. Although any speculation and forecasting is only conjecture at this point the industry can point to a steady increase in the demand over the last 24 months.

Manufactures Increase Investment

Although the UK operations of companies such as sharp have seen closures within recent months of the recent UK factories this is quickly expected to be filled by companies such as Hanergy UK who are looking to upscale their solar manufacturing capabilities.

How Will The Government Support Future Growth Of The Domestic Market

Although due to recent rulings surrounding energy targets across the EU there has been more investor caution regarding large scale solar projects. However on the other side of the industry the Climate minister for the UK Mr Baker is looking to capitalize on renewed UK optimism within the solar industry. The Minister has been unveiling ambitious plans for the future with a focus on maximizing more investment from homeowner, landlords and councils.

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The Community Energy Trial Could Be The Start Of Greater Investment

With the Community Energy Co-op trial by the government looking to monitor communities feelings around self sufficient neighborhoods getting some good early feedback from potential home owners and speculators alike such optimism would obviously transcend into further investment within the market. Not only from the government but also from manufacturers looking to increase supply to the market at a competitive rate.

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Is Big Business Looking To Take Control Of The Solar Market
The increasing role big business will look to have in the renewable sector

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Is the future of the solar pv and renewable energy linked to big business investment.

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February 12, 2014
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