iPad Solar Charger. Yes, Please!

With the beautiful weather Britain is currently experiencing it’s hardly surprising so many are out enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. However as a nation of technophobes being apart from our electronic devices whilst soaking up the sun or worse our beloved iPads, iPods, and mobiles running out of power are a big no-no.  Thankfully technology is being developed to harness solar energy into gadgets and toys that can always keep us powered up and entertained.

For the iPad users is the Lilypad; using outdoor and indoor light this self-charging battery backup case provides around 12 to 13 days of solar power iPad usage. The case also integrates a special USB port that will allow you to charge other USB powered devices like a camera or a smartphone. For those wanting a fully functional solar computer, why don’t you try solar products to do with computing like the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Even if you leave this nifty keyboard in a dark cupboard, it will still work for a further 3 months until it requires some sunshine to power itself up again.

There are many solar power toys and gadgets on the market now, so why not do away with the hassle of charging and replacing batteries and invest in some solar power fun instead.

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