Important Milestones in Solar Technology

The development of solar technology began in the 1860’s when there was an expectation that coal would become a rarity due to the surge in use during the industrial revolution. However the developments soon stalled around the beginning of the 20th century as coal and petroleum became increasingly available and appeared to be the more economical source of renewable energy. Following on from this it wasn’t until the 1970’s, with the 1973 oil embargo and the 1979 energy crisis, that caused an increased attention to developing photovoltaic technologies such as solar panels.

Developments in solar power systems have seen the growth rate rise 20% on average per year since 1999 which was helped in 2010 by the British government who followed suit of other European countries by introducing the feed-in-tariff so homeowners would be paid for generating electricity. The developments in solar energy are on-going as they look to hit the milestone set by the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and commit to 20% of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2020.

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From 2016 all new built homes in Britain must be ‘zero carbon’ meaning the homes produce no carbon emissions which is where solar panels will play a pivotal role in creating this. As well as homes, from 2019 all new built buildings will also have to follow suit and produce no carbon emissions.  If you’re ready to play a part in an important milestone in solar technology that let Solar King help you make the transition.


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Important Milestones in Solar Technology
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March 09, 2012
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