How Will The UK Solar Panels Industry Grow In The Coming Years

While presently there can be a strong argument put forward for both sides of the argument be it to increase and also on the position of decrease one educational institution has painted a very ambitious forecast for the years ahead.

Britain Can Increase It’s Energy Output By 40%

These are the claims from the London Imperial College who believe the potential of solar panels london the country and across the rest of the UK is still yet to be realized. While this claim on the surface would mean a substantial growth in the market given recent energy audits of the system (DECC reports recently revealed that the UK had installed it’s 500,000th domestic system) the signs have been encouraging within the sector as it continues to grow year on year.

Was The 2011 FIT Drop A Blessing In Disguise

While the FIT changes of December 2011 received a wholesale of complaints from renewable energy providers and there was a period of destabilization following the actions of the government. What did occur as an outcome of this was the lowering of system costs which of course was also the effect to a degree by reduced supply chain costs. This has in turn produced encouraging figures quarter by quarter for the domestic solar pv energy market.

Will It be Possible For The UK To Meet A 40% Solar Output Generation

This claim if true and the system were installed could be achieved due firstly to the fact that solar generates come rain or shine and secondly on the basis of the continual development of solar systems which continue to be able to produce greater outputs. Ultimately however the uptake rate will be the deciding factor as the claims that 10M homes will be installed with solar within the next six years is ambitious to say the least.

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The UK Will Need To install Over 1.5M New Systems Annually

To reach this milestone within the decade the UK will need to install domestically solar systems to the tune of 1.5M a year. Another issue affecting such claims is infrastructure as it questionable if the UK Industry could actually meet such targets even if all the work was there to be completed. While the government would obviously support any growth within a market this would still appear to be relatively ambitious.

This Would Meet Our 2030 Obligations

while it’s true that such large shift in solar uptake rates would help the country reach it 2030 targets set by The EU given that the attitude has recently changed (EU Commission ruling on joint energy targets) it would be surprising to see the large scale investment within the commercial side of solar projects from the government due to the ruling surrounding energy from renewable solutions and this coupled with the guidelines in regards to shale gas proliferation being some what relaxed.

The UK Is Looking Towards Cheaper And More Competitive Energy

solar vs fracking

With a more competitive strike rate being called for and wholesale cheaper energy projects claims of such increases with the uptake rate to appear to go against the renewable grain presently. Thus Ultimately it will be the technology and the price to the customer as are often the case which will be the deciding factor on how the UK energy landscape moves in the coming years. Renewable energy companies be it commercially and domestically will also continually have to look to increase ROI for customers given the emergence of shale gas and the potential re-emergence of large scale power provided by nuclear facilities.

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How Will The UK Solar Panels Industry Grow In The Coming Years
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February 3, 2014
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