How Will The Slowing Of Global Warming Affect The Solar PV Industry

With the driving factor to the renewable energy while from the majority of the customer base being driven by the monetary saving from a government point of view this has always been led by the environmental factor and in particular the role it could play in reducing carbon emissions and sustaining our environment.

Large scale American solar pv project

What Will Stabilizing Earth Temperatures mean To The Renewable Energy Industry

Recent studies and reports have looked to quash an argument that would point to the stabilization of earth temperatures meaning there should be a reduction in the amount government spend in large scale solar panel and wind projects. But energy analysts and spectators have been asking the question more and more if global warming is in fact just the worlds natural temperature pattern that rises and falls regardless of carbon emissions.

The Temperature Stabilizing Is Only Temporary

This is the view of many scientists across the world who simply see this period of a fixed earth temperature being a small insignificant factor in the long term protection of our eco system and that any emphasis based on this in decision making to cut and reduce renewable energy plans would be a mistake.

Rises In Temperature Are Man Made

This is the view that is taken by many scientific bodies across the world including the Britain’s Royal Society who have reiterated the point that in order to stem the effect of greenhouse gasses that nation need to remain committed to their renewable energy plans; it such claims that have also been endorsed by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

What Are The Reason Behind The Stabilizing Of Earth Temperatures

While the list is wide and varied from abnormal jet stream patterns, to oceans absorbing more heat even down to scientist claiming the suns output has been slightly diminished it clear that there is a reason but which natural claim is the reasoning has received no definitive answer.

U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Should Countries Re-access Their Solar Projects

It’s clear in the EU particularly that there has been a shift to rethinking large scale targets although this hasn’t been attributed to the earth temperature stabilizing but more towards the EU agreements between member states regarding carbon and renewable targets being re-worked. However although in the UK large solar projects reduced marginally in 2013 overall the appetite for renewable energy wind and solar power included does seem very much to be a focus for many investors around the world.

How Can New Energy Sources Affect The Growth In Renewable Energy

While bio of fuels from such countries like Brazil have been steadily rising from some time this is by no means in a position to challenge the large scale proliferation of other fossil fuels. However it is the emergence of shale gas that is likely to take a greater market share away from other conventional fuels. It is the emergence of such fuels across nations that has caused allot of conjecture due to the amount reserves there are as well as the cost to proliferate in comparison to renewable energy be it wind or solar power.

Will A Move Towards Other Energy Sources Effect The Long Term Renewable Plans

It is this question that has led to allot of uncertainty in the UK wind and solar panels market and has subsequently in recent months led to certain wind and solar PV projects loosing a percentage of their funding or being canceled altogether. It appears in the U.S. however they have continued to invest in shale gas, thermal and solar projects all with increased intensity case in point being the Ivanpah facility in the state of California which has only just recently begun to generate but is set to produce an unbelievable 390MW.

Energy Unity Is The Key

The ability of nations to not discount any energy source does appear to be the best way forward not only for a reduction in carbon and fuel cost but also to support employment markets and national infrastructure be that energy or attitude towards technological progression. Such an approach will mean that should the earths temperature look to increase again over the coming years that no industry or energy source be its solar PV or shale gas has been neglected.

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How Will The Slowing Of Global Warming Affect The Solar PV Industry
The changes to the global temperature and what this could mean to the solar power and renewable energy market.

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Global Warming, The future of solar and what temperature changes could mean to the renewable energy sector.

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March 3, 2014
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