How Tin Could Be The Answer To Cheaper Solar Panels

We have recently reported on the various approaches that research facilities around the globe are undertaking to be able to produce more efficient solar panels. Efficiency and output are always the driving factor as well as price to producing the next generation solar panels. It is the latter that we will be focusing on today with news that researcher are discovering the remarkable effects that tin is having on solar panel costs, and it’s ability to reduce these substantially.

How Tin Can Reduce Solar PV Cost

This largely comes down to the production of solar PV arrays which is currently done via lead, given the expense of lead researcher in both the UK and U.S.have been having fantastic results in substituting lead with tin. It is through lead that perovskite solar cells are produced and it is this process that is vital to ensure that solar conversion can take place. Where as previously lead was essential for the perovskite solar cells to absorb the sunlight research with tin has now shown that this can fill the void.

A Much Safer Solar Panel Production Process

This is also one of the additional key benefits of using tin in that is allot safer than utilizing lead and as such the transition to tin not only from a monetary point of view but also from a safety production aspect also. The toxicity of tin is substantially lower and thus damaging working environments could become a thing if the past.

Will Solar Panels Be Cheaper With Tin

Undoubtedly solar PV arrays will be cheaper if constructed with tin and as such the ability to produce an efficient system for less will reduce the cost per watt of a solar system. Fundamentally the transition will also come down to how suppliers will look to adapt in the face of change and also if customers are aware of tin solar systems as suppliers will be faced with the decision of volume of sales amount.

How Are Tin Solar Panels Constructed

The solar panels construction is devised across five layers of the array with the initial two layers conducted of glass, then a layer of titanium dioxide with the final layers constructed of tin.Initial tests have proved very encouraging with results being displayed as not currently meeting conventional standards of output but with continual research both parties claiming they will close on current leading levels of 20% in the coming years.

What Does The Future Hold For Tin Solar Panels

As with much if the solar PV research that is currently taking place globally that we have reported on it does appear to be bright. Especially as more and more collaboration takes place and between various research departments and countries. As such the coming years are likely to see many hybrid version of solar panels being constructed and as such making such products more commercially viable when compared to regular solar panels.

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How Tin Could Be The Answer To Cheaper Solar Panels
Solar panels constructed by tin could be the answer to reducing costs without sacrificing on efficiency.

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Tin Solar Panels, Reduced solar costs
Solar PV innovations with tin could provide substantial long term savings.

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May 9, 2014
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