How The US Solar PV Landscape Could Be Changing

The next generation of solar panels technology and products features heavily within our posts which is why we are very interested by the recent advances from solar PV-T to next generation Photovoltaic structures. It also appears that companies within the US are also looking to put the technology into action as quickly as is possible.

CIGS solar panel cells

CIGS Modular Panels Enter The US Market

This new solar power structure is set to enter not only the US solar market but the distributors (TSMC) are also looking to promote the new panels to other North American countries including Canada and Mexico to name a few.Due to the size of the corporation and the partnership with priority providers (Centrosolar) will represent a solid collaboration for investors to look to invest in.

How Are CIGS Modular Panels Different

CIGS panels as so called for their structure (copper, indium, gallium, selenium) of very cost effective silicon based modules with the key benefit of these solar panels being that they can yield more KWh’s over the lifetime of the install due to working more efficiently at lower temperatures and they also contain an increased power rating under pure PV rays. What is also special about the panels is that due to their cell configuration they perform better under shaded conditions. Thus throughout the day they will perform very well as the sun flow differs.

tmsc solar

The CIGS Systems Are Set To Excel

Given the key attributed of the panels there are plans for the systems to be heavily distributed around the southern areas of America and Mexico as they perform well under intense heat and they contain the ability to work to a high degree of efficiency for long periods of time (years) without any degradation of the system.

Will CIGS Solar Panels Be Available To European Markets

Given that the CIGS models really come into their own when placed into high temperature conditions it fair to say that countries within the EU further south i.e. Greece, Italy, Portugal etc would benefit more from the technology than say Norway and Scotland for instance time will tell based on the success of there upcoming projects if the company will look to export to further overseas nations. Long term however they it would be very feasible to witness the large scale exporting of these more cost efficient panels.

Are The CIGS System Better Than The Australian Next Generation panels

We have reported recently on the cutting edge solar panels in Australia that have produced market leading efficiency rates and the continual advancements that the technicians are performing to increase them yet further. This will come down to a number of deciding factors as the Australian panels were also based around very similar features of low costing materials and high efficiency rates. Thus the determining factor maybe not which is more favorable but which is available on the market sooner.

Will The UK Benefit From Any Of These Technologies

Given that the UK still currently only generate 4% (DECC Report) of it’s electricity from renewable sources it will be highly likely that in the coming years that whether through the companies discussed directly or through technology discussed that the UK will be benefiting through some of the advances in solar panels discussed in this article.

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How The US Solar PV Landscape Could Be Changing
The changing face of the US solar PV market.

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The US solar panels market, solar energy
The American solar panel market is going through a revolution with the way in which it approaches the public.

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February 2, 2014
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