How Solar PV Manufacturers Are Set For Better EU Relations

With the news of the recent changes to the EU binding contracts and the subsequent effect that this is likely to have on the industry given that now more nations within the EU could lower their renewable goals given that targets are to be shared between members.

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How Have Manufacturers Reacted To EU Solar Panel Changes

Given that there persists a certain degree of uncertainty as to what will happen with the 2030 EU targets what can’t be ignored is that the 2020 objective still have to be met. As such you still have governments of member states still championing renewable energy short term with a degree of uncertainty as to what could happen with the long term once targets are to be shared. Whether in direct co-relation or not some global manufacturers and governments have looked to update their manufacturing processes to retain interest in a potentially changing market.

Why Have Solar Manufacturing Costs Stabilized

One of the biggest changes could see the end of the so called unfair advantage from the far east. With the industry now inundated with manufacturers one of the so called unfair advantages that EU manufactures were staging was the government funded Solar Panel market from the far east. The prices were deemed excessively competitive and as such were effecting the EU market due to an unfair advantage of being over subsidized by respective governments.

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What Could The Pricing Stricture Change Mean To The Solar PV Industry

The ultimate goal of the agreed changes is now that the market will be fairer and that companies across the globe can now compete on an even playing field across the various product ranges within the industry. The new minimum pricing structure reflects a development of relations with far east manufacturers now sticking to a minimum pricing guideline which will also ensure greater transparency from within the far east solar power market. While this is likely to see many smaller companies in the far east leave the market this is a sacrifice the respective governments are willing to take given that the many of the larger companies will more than likely consolidate these companies.

What Will A Fairer Solar Market Mean Solar Standards

Such changes to the market are being muted as only a good thing overall to the industry with previously so called cheap solar PV being described as the reason for the industry being given a poor name. With the new changes already having come into effect such reasons have been described behind renewed collaborative relationships between the far east and the west. We have recently reported on many cases of China and other western nations working together to develop the solar PV technology within the industry with a goal of improving outputs and further improve next generation solar PV technology.

Will The UK Also Benefit From These Changes

Given the minimum pricing structure as well as an agreement do diffuse the solar dumping argument poly silicon is now being sold again at a fairer price to all manufacturing countries and as such will benefit the UK solar PV industry like many others. Further to this the UK is also working closely with far east manufactures on many cutting edge technologies such as solar film and the previously discussed organic photovoltaic systems.

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How Solar PV Manufacturers Are Set For Better EU Relations
Global suppliers of solar pv products are looking to improve their reputation within the international community.

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Just what solar panels manufacturers are doing to improve their public relations.

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March 24, 2014
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