How Solar Cells Are Looking To Cell Synthesis

An interesting new breakthrough appears to be emerging with the ability to change how mainstream solar panels are produced. Currently the material for solar panels the crystalline is harvested in facilities across the globe with some of the main hubs for this being in Germany and the far east.

MIT University

How Are New Solar Cells Being Created

Researchers from an American facility are now using natures organic materials to conduct electricity and drive different colors of light through the materials. The study has shown that this activity when placed on living cells enable them to produce more cells in particular the biofilms created by bacteria under tests have been able to create quantum dots which can then mimic other biological molecules which respond to the environment they are placed within. The matter produced is able to conduct electricity and emit light. While this research is very complex in the long term it could represent some rather interesting opportunities to various industries; needles to say the solar pv industry is watching with baited breath.

How Could The New Material Aid The Solar Industry

In the coming years researcher believe such engineering could be at the forefront of producing more efficient and better performing solar panels. Also researchers believe as the cells created in effect can be self healing the longevity of the solar panels is also far more likely to perform well past the current industry accepted 25 years. Such a breakthrough would represent a major potential to the industry in regards to a return on investment.

Will Living Solar Cells Actually Be A Reality

While the concept does seem to be a little far fetched this is exactly what the research of the new solar cell engineering is expected to take place. Their research will look to bring the organic and non organic worlds together. As such they are on course to produce in their eyes solar synthesis to a degree that will see cells that continually repair themselves. While still in very early stages the ability of the researchers from the MIT University in America have already reached the point in their research that they believe they have tangible findings that they feel comfortable enough to discuss their finding at this point and give an insight into what the future may hold for the research.

Conventional solar cell structure

A Breakthrough In Energy Generation

The long term objective of the research was to be able to create a natural process, as to how nature currently does with such processes as photosynthesis and other. While currently man made generation operates around inorganic materials it now believed this research represents the beginning of a new era in energy generation. Thus the ultimate goal of producing more effective solar PV panels while be different from many of the other solar research test going on globally could now set to be adopted in a different way via the MIT university study.

What Else Could The New Energy Generation technique be Used For

While thus far no name has been given publicly for the process of the energy synthesis procedure it is hoped that this will also given special significance to how batteries are operated as the ability to bring this technology to such areas as cars and other battery operated machinery could represent a superior breakthrough in long life batteries.

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April 2, 2014
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