How Scientists Could Have Produced The Best Ever UK Solar Panels

One of the biggest questions that solar panels industry faces from consumers is how and will solar panels work on an overcast or rainy day. While the fact is they will definitely still generate as the systems generate on UV rays their is no denying the amount they produce will be lower while not to the substantial degree that some may believe the fact cant be ignored that the SAP rating will determine a systems output and the higher the SAP rate (absorption on UV ray absorption rates and irradence) the more solar powered energy will be produced.

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Are There Solar Panels That Perform Just A Good On Cloudy Days

While such a question would more often than result in a reply like the opening statement there has been the recent news that British scientist have developed the unthinkable which is solar panels that work as good if not better on overcast days. Such a development would surely have substantial benefits to the solar panels UK market in the coming years. While it may seem to good to be true but the developers Blue Sky Thinking of the latest technology claim the system actually perform better on overcast days than in direct sunlight.

How Does The Technology Work

While still in the research and development phase the the material which is cloth like and can be printed on 3D paper which can also be reproduced in any color. The technology based on organic modules which act as small semi-conductors which can reproduced in any shape, while conventional panels work best in direct sunlight the new technology which is being referred to as organic Photovoltaic surprisingly more efficiently when out of direct sunlight.

What Is The Potential For Organic Photovoltaic

With the material itself being very lightweight the potential alone for conventional solar panel installs could be significant with potential installs not needing the reinforcement that is required with todays systems. Also many car manufacturers have been looking to ways in which the material could be adopted by their vehicles for a facility that would have the potential to charge the car in some way to avoid any future battery failures.

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It Produce More Electricity Than Conventional Modules

In test the laboratory researching the technology said they were shocked by how the material jumped from an efficiency rate of 10% in desert conditions to 13% when placed in an overcast environment. The clear distinction has to be made between power and efficiency the research team were at pains to state. Thus it’s not that they will produce more power just that they will run more efficiently when place under such condition and thus the degradation of the output will be less.

What Are The Limitations Of Organic Photovoltaic

While still in the development phase the R and D team have stated one of the key areas that they are looking into is how to get the material to produce a higher output of energy. With efficiency not an issue as can be the case with many next generation solar power products it is now a focus of the team to increase this level to bring it close to conventional solar panels.

How And When Will Organic PV Be Used In The Market

While it’s widely acknowledged that the material is far more likely to emerge more in the form of a charger as opposed to a solar PV system the scope and level of opportunity the material can offer could be substantial given it changeable state and working in more challenging conditions. The lightweight structure also presents many other capabilities that conventional solar currently finds hard to fill and as such it’s introduction to the UK market could come in a large variety of ways.

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How Scientists Could Have Produced The Best Ever UK Solar Panels
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March 19, 2014
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