How Next Generation Solar Glass Could Turn Cities More Green

There has been country wide large scale renewable projects occurring all over the UK and Europe for a number of years now which have significantly changed the look of rural and offshore areas. From solar panel farms to wind generation projects the landscapes have changed to provide large scale energy cultivation technology for a growing population.

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How Cities Areas Do More To Go Green

While the rural areas have changed to large degree inner cities metropolitan areas have stayed the same, with some minor solar and wind projects it’s obvious that feasibility is an issue as a result of such a lack of space in congested cities. The coming years could see these barriers lowered through to cutting edge technology that has seen the emergence of solar PV window.

Advances In Solar Technology Has Created Transparent Cells

The transparency of these new cells coupled with a glazed unit mean that effectively solar panels which are able to act as windows has been achieved. Recently we have reported on the technology advances from second and third generation panels (solar pvt).

Solar Windows Are High Generating

Studies and research has proved that the solar PV windows are able to produce above the 14% standard. While the Building Integrated PV market is relatively small in comparison to the domestic area of the market it’s hoped this innovation could dramatically increase the size and scope of this sector. In fact research has shown these solar windows are able to produce outputs of 15% and with the news that research and testing has come so far that they expect to bring the product to market within the next year the BPVT sector is looking very healthy.

How UK Solar Manufacturer Are Improving The Market

As has been the general consensus in the past that Asia has been the hub of renewable technology development we have reported yet again how the UK has been looking to improve technology within the sector. From Solar PVT to now the latest advancement from Oxford PV which has worked consistently over a number of years to reach this point of R and D.

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Solar Windows Can Be Used Like Regular Windows

The point at which the Solar PV windows were able to be made completely transparent was a huge step in the development of the product previously they had been affected by a tone which meant they were not fully transparent. However on realizing that the chemical CaTiO (perovskite) could produce a neutral color was a huge breakthrough and step forward to solar windows being realized.

Will Solar Windows Work In Every City

As with any renewable installation large or small climatic factors will be an issue thus is heavily congested cities like Beijing it’s fair to say that solar output would not be a efficient as a city like San Francisco. What is also key to consider is that a sky scraper unlike a flat solar panel will be able to optimally harness the power of the sun as solar windows can be placed completely around the structure so from morning to night they will be generating as efficiently as possible.

A Step Forward In Energy targets

Large scale adoption of this technology could see targets across the world more easily met. This is mainly due to the fact that cities have not been factored in to energy generation targets at this level of potential before. This is just a further step in helping to place the UK as an emerging market leader within the solar industry.

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How Next Generation Solar Glass Could Turn Cities More Green
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February 4, 2014
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