How Is The Developing World Targeting Renewable Energy Like Never Before

We have recently focused on how the attractiveness of different countries towards renewable energy has been changing and in particular the rise of the developing world. With some of the most ambitious plans for renewable energy set to take place in such countries we are highlighting some of the most exiting projects from solar power to solar thermal that are soon to be up and running across the world.

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Can The Developing World Make An Impact On Overall Carbon Levels

Given that some of the locations of the developing countries are in hugely beneficial locations for large scale project based around solar panels and wind generation then it true to say that the scale renewable energy projects for the developing world being discussed and put into operation will surely make an impact to that particular countries energy needs.

The Biggest Solar PV Park In Africa Is To be Completed Next Year

The Nzema solar panel plant to be installed within Ghana is set to be the largest in Africa, the size of the scheme is no surprise given the potential that the continent process the bigger surprise is the extent of time it has taken large scale solar proliferation to occur on the continent to this scale. Aided by a UK consortium of investors and businesses the project is looking to be fully operational over the next coming 12 – 18 months with a capacity of over 150MW and a to cost of over £220M.

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How India Are Also Looking to invest In Solar

With a view to massively upscale there renewable generation India just like Ghana are set for a rapid period of renewable energy investment. Case in point is the newly announced US and India deal for the country to in the coming months begin projects to have over 1000MW of solar thermal infrastructure installed with further solar power plants also being planned. The deal between Esolar and the Indian Acme corporation is set to help sustain the growth of India remarkable growth over the last decade. While the country is by no means new to large scale solar power panels projects with currently over 200GW of installations within the nation it hoped that this scheme will help to further benefit the more deprived areas of the country which have until now largely under developed with renewable energy.

How Has The Developing World Invested in Renewable Energy In The Past

While the developed world for a long time has lagged behind the west it has been investing in large projects for a number of years with a few examples being:

– Geothermal Energy In The Philippines, located in the Leyte region this substantial 700Mw plus facility has been so successful that the corporation involved in the project have adopted their practices now to focus primarily on renewable energy.

– While looking to expand it’s solar PV market India has also be a large scale adopter of wind technology with the Dhule wind facility having a large scale capacity of 650MW but are soon to finalize the development towards 1000MW for the facility. The nation

Dhule solar PV project

– China; without surprise has entered the solar market in a big way and their Qinghai solar power development has been systematically upscaled to the view of soon reaching a potential of 1000MW for this site and due to the success of the project this has now led to further proposals into different locations within the province.

– While not recognized as the developing world the Dutch proliferation of wind energy is up and running and with plans in the pipeline for a structure by various companies this is an area of the market that this country in particular will be looking to grow further in the coming years and one to take not of.

Could The Developed World Become More Attractive For Renewable Investment

The potential is clear to see within such countries listed above and another area that is to be commended is the appetite for renewable energy, while it can’t always be argued that this is for environmental purposes the benefits whether business or ecological from the solar power, wind and geothermal projects discussed will have substantial benefits to the environment.

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How Is The Developing World Targeting Renewable Energy Like Never Before
Greater investment in to developing nations is leading to greater global renewable energy uptake.

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Just how the west is investing in under developed nations energy systems.

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March 6, 2014
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