How Has UK Solar Production Continually Grown

Over the recent years the UK solar power industry and the renewable industry itself has had some turbulent times but since 2011 the solar generation levels of offgrid electricity has continually grown and as the DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) has just reported this trend has continued again.

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The UK Has Increased Generation By Over 40%

The UK has according to recent figures last year produced new off grid solar generation in the form of 1GW this has resulted in a 42% growth within the market which by any standards is vast. This is a very encouraging increase given the issues large scale government funded projects could soon be facing.

Will Solar Generation Figures Increase Again

While a 40% increase represents a considerable growth to the market the current atmosphere around large scale projects would say such an increase is unlikely for 2014. However the counter argument is that the UK has an ambitious climate minister in Greg Baker who has recently presented his renewable plans for the future which includes large scale adoption of government building as well as his plans for community energy co-op’s.

What Role Will The Feed In Tariff Play in Future

With the large drops in the FIT rate now apparently behind us for the time being it’s hoped that the industry is now going through a period of stability on the domestic side at least. Thus domestically small drops in 0.4p – 0.5p to the FIT rate thus far appear to be inconsequential as domestic solar panels uptake increases with the 500,00th domestic solar home being installed in 2013.

Solar PV Only Accounts For 1% Of Electricity Yield

This is quite damning figure given the amount of funding and initiatives the government has pumped into the renewable sector. Energy prices will play a key role within uptake rates more than ever in the coming years especially with a larger amount of the populations income being allocated to energy bills the installation rate is only like to go in one direction. Furthermore this will only further increase the UK’s standing within Europe for solar generation. Currently we fall significantly behind countries like Germany.

Renewable Yields Overall Fell In 2013

While solar yield increased in 2013 some of the other industries didn’t realize such a growth with wind being one of the poorest performers. But this shouldn’t be a bad feeling around these figures released by the DECC as it point out very encouraging figure in relation to Bio energy which rose by over a quarter in the third quarter of the year alone.

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What Will The Future Hold For Renewable Energy Generation

Ultimately a period of stability has proved a good thing for solar overall, despite the uncertain government backing in to the future. If more renewable industries within the sector can look to adopt a more progressive and stable approach then yield from renewable infrastructure is surely set to change how we generate our energy in years to come. Fuel bills will inevitably force more domestic homes to pursue a greener energy source, however the emergence of shale gas and the potential this represent is surely set to affect large scale projects in the coming years.

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How Has UK Solar Production Continually Grown
Domestic solar uptake increasing at an encouraging rate across the UK.

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domestic solar panels, solar uptake
Is the renewable energy sector set to continue its growth within the UK.

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February 4, 2014
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