How Has The UK Strengthened It’s Solar PV Research Further

European collaboration is an area we often discuss and it’s potential to the EU economy and targets although lately it is becoming more apparent that the UK is also very open to non-EU collaborations. We have discussed the UK – China R and D projects that are currently ongoing and only last week we discussed the substantial agreement between UK and Israel in funding large scale renewable energy projects and research over the coming years.

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Who Is The UK Broadening It’s Solar Partnerships With

One of the most interesting collaborations currently is the UK and India solar panels nano technology partnership. This is a research programme that is heavily based currently within the education sectors of both countries and while currently exploratory the sign are that this could uncover some breakthroughs with the technology to improve the solar power market further. Both of the UK and Indian universities have received backing from the respective governments who are keen to see the potential of this technology within the sector.

What Role Does Nanotechnology Play In Solar PV Systems

The importance of this technology is based on how the nanoparticles are deployed within solar pv cells with the manufacturing with such particles akin more to a printing effect unlike the conventional heat tempered production via mono crystalline. Due to this they can be produced more thin and as such are not as rigid in construction all of this lead to cheaper manufacturing costs.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of solar Nano Technology

Currently the biggest problem with the production of solar PV via the nano production method is efficiency. Such an issue has often been attributed to solar film PV structure with multiple R and D currently underway globally the race does appear to be on for the top performing solar film product with the best generation yield.

There Are Multiple Nano Technology Project Currently Live

Just a couple of these included are listed below

. MIT Solar cell Study: based around single molecule thick sheets, with the emphasis on capacity per weight volume it claimed by researchers that this could increase generation by over a thousand time compared to current solar PV technology.

. Michigan Tech: Their honeycomb structure built around graphene sheets are looking to work to a 3D structure although currently only generating close to 8% they are convinced such a structure will open up a world of potential and are pressing ahead with further research and test to increase efficiency.

UK & Indian Education and Research Initiative

A Burgeoning Area Of solar Development

The Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) in conjunction with Indian Education and Research Initiative will work closely together and have major backing also from Tata Steel Research. The main premise of the study will revolve around capture and storage of uv rays via the inorganics-in-organics method in which materials primarily composite work together to improve efficiency. There will also be a second study which will focus on the use of nano technology and zinc oxide and the role they can play with energy monitoring.

Will The solar Nano Technology Study Be A Success Given the amount of input from Tata steel and the subsequent multitude of companies that form their conglomerate it is hoped that the science behind the technology will be pushed like never before. With both project expected to begin in the coming weeks it’s hoped that the study will conclude with a greater degree of understanding around the technology and meet some conclusions on how the technology can ultimately be used for cheaper panel production and more efficient energy monitoring.

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How Has The UK Strengthened It’s Solar PV Research Further
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March 26, 2014
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