How Can Third Generation Solar Systems Revolutionize the market

In recent article we have discussed how not only the landscape of the industry has changed recently but also how next generation panels could look to sustain any doubts that the solar panels industry could experience in the coming months and years.

solar panels breakthrough

How Could Third Generation Panels Increase Solar Uptake

With the recent awards being issues to the NSW University in Australia it seems European counterpart are not as far behind the curve as originally may have been thought. This is due to the ground breaking research and development surrounding virtu combined solar collectors. A UK based company is actually is actually begin small scale production test with this groundbreaking technology.

Virtu Combined Systems will Look To Raise Out put levels by 300%

Although for the minute this appears to be a bold statement these are the figures that are being promised in future years as the technology begins to develop further. With such figures being discussed Naked Energy the company behind the solutions has been receiving some encouraging recommendations and funding.

The DECC Supplies 1M In Development Grants

Due to the significance of the technology and also the impact it could have on the UK energy market the DECC as invested 1M to help expediate and further develop this technology. The business has received funding before in the past but this sizable investment represents the next level in funding and with it will come further speculation and scrutiny from spectators and industry bodies alike.

How Will the Virtu Funding Provided By The DECC Help It’s Development

It is already being largely welcomed by the company as they stated this will allow them to conduct far more testing and analysis than would have previously been able to occur in such a short space of time. Such capabilities will allow the company to move further into production with mid to late 2015 being pinpointed as the time when production levels should look to increase.

How Do Virtu Combined Collectors Work

Often referred to as PVT due to the system combining both solar thermal and solar PV technology they function differently from any other renewable systems. They draw heat from they draw heat from the solar panel and heat the containing space this heats hot water while at the same time the system ensure the pv cells remain to function and an optimal level. This results in a higher electrical output than standard panels.

inner workings of solar pvt

It Combine Solar And Thermal Energy

As the system incorporates both system this means there is no need for separate systems as they are combined. While the tubes provide virtually no thermal degradation as always output will be tide in closely to climate conditions.

How Will Solar PVT System affect Thee Market

Given the encouraging signs in how far the product had come and now the backing of the DECC it could potentially come to market allot quicker than would have been anticipated 2 years ago. Price will always be the determining factor in regard to new technology for this reason and due to the the continually lowering costs of domestic solar pv systems initially we may see solar PVT system utilized to a larger degree at a commercial level but as with most products as prices fall larger domestic uptake especially due to output potentials are likely to increase. However marketing and return on investment analysis will also plat a large part in the adoption by domestic customers in the early period once brought to market.

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How Can Third Generation Solar Systems Revolutionize the market
The development and deployment of of solar pv systems within the UK and globally is well underway.

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Just how more countries globally are looking to deploy next generation solar systems.

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February 3, 2014
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