How Are Some Nations Already Meeting Their Solar PV and Wind Objectives

Given the European Commission’s view that a change was needed to energy targets due to the amount of members that were likely to miss their obligations the commission has restructured the renewable objectives in attempt to get the members back on track. The deal while still to be ratified will see carbon emission targets to be met as expected however the new restructuring will see a sharing between members of a blanket 30% renewable energy target.

Bulgarian Solar power project

How Have Renewable Targets Already Been Met

These impressive findings have come from Eurosat the data hub that tracks EU wide renewable statistics and the encouraging news is also that many additional EU nations through large scale adoption of renewable energy from solar pv to wind are well on their way to achieving their objectives. One of the main reasons for this is the nations involved have a long track record of renewable investment.

Sweden, Bulgaria And Estonia Have Met Their Targets

While you may not expect Bulgaria’s And Estonia to be on the list Sweden is a name you would likely have suspected however all have gained from a long term investment plan into their renewable energy system. With wind being the primary source for many of these countries there has also been renewed investments to a large degree in such things like solar panels and bio mass in these nations. The message here is clear that having a long term plan has been the key to the success of all of these three nations. While the countries involved all have different targets set they all have had the long term foresight to have a workable plan in place and have also varied the energy sources they have taken their renewable energy from.

Will The UK Meet Their Energy Objectives

At this moment in time the UK are currently way down on their obligation targets having less than a third of our energy coming from a renewable source. With the UK government coming in for complaints for their indecision regarding the industry and also for turning their attention to new atomic stations and shale gas in growing amounts while at the same time leaving the solar power energy and wind energy with the news that they are looking out make the industry far more competitive.

Swedish renewable power

Who Else Is Performing Well With The Renewable Power Objectives

While many countries are lagging behind nations such as Croatia, Cyprus and Denmark are also very close to meeting their renewable targets. Thus the coming years could see some soul searching for past and present UK governments as more nation will be meeting their targets while we are left vastly behind. Out of all 28 member 20 of the countries are over halfway towards their goal, whether through large scale wind and solar power production or other means there has been rapid growth within the industry.#

What Will Binding Targets Mean To Continued Renewable Uptake

This is one area that remains to be seen with many environmentalist describing the binding targets as a travesty to the green industry and a reason for governments to shirk their responsibilities for the environment. While ruling governments have declared the re-structuring as a necessity to encourage continued investment within the sector and re-energize efforts from EU members.

The EU Produced Over 14% Renewable Energy Last Year

While this is still a distance away from the set 2020 target it is still being described as a marked improvement and encouraging by the EU parliament of the continued growth within the industry. However with numerous wind and solar panels companies within countries like the UK, Spain and Germany calling the binding contracts as very disappointing with more already claiming the contracts and subsequent indecision of the effects they will have on the industry has led to projects being cancelled and government investment falling in time will provide the answer as to whether the new structure has help or hindered targets overall.

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How Are Some Nations Already Meeting Their Solar PV and Wind Objectives
Is the UK likely to meet it’s EU Energy obligation

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EU energy obligations, Renewable energy obligations
Is the UK likley to meet it’s renewable 2020 targets before the deadline passes.

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March 14, 2014
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