How Are Solar Panels Installed?

Here at Solar King we’ll take you under our wing from start to finish of the solar power process. Once our expert designers have designed a system to suit your needs our dedicated Solar King installation team will fit and kit your property with the system.

 After surveying your property our team will decide on the most beneficial positioning of your solar panels to ensure that they‘re exposed to maximum daylight to guarantee you the best return on investment.

Once the optimum positioning has been decided we will then carry out roof checks to ensure that the area is able to support your solar panel structure.

When the go ahead is confirmed we’ll then fit cleats to the rafters underneath your roof tiles to ensure that no direct pressure is placed on the tiles.

Mounting rails are then attached to these cleats which make the perfect base for your solar panels which are then fitted to a converter.

So it’s as simple as that. We’ll install your system with minimum disruption and as efficiently as possible so that you can start reaping the benefits of solar power. Not only do we have a reputable installation team but we also offer one of the best maintenance packages around and can boast that solar panels maintained by Solar King can be up to 30% more efficient than those systems that are not being actively managed.

So get in touch with Solar King today and you’ll see just how beneficial solar power can be for your property.


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