Hold Up Of EU Proposal Due To Renewable Targets

In the wake of the recent vastly significant EU Commission statement that Individual targets are to be scrapped in favor of a new all encompassing EU Emissions target there has now been a further debate raised as some member stated would like to see the original 40% rate on emissions now lowered further to 35%. This does go against what many of the leading EU states including Germany, France and the UK had agreed to in approving the new direction.

With the main dilemma in recent days been focused on the binding of a cut in carbon emissions and renewable energy targets. While on the whole many members have been happy to meet the emissions target the renewables target has been not so vehemently backed. With the renewables target issue now threatening the emissions agreement there are insiders now saying that such wind, biomass and solar power targets could be scrapped by the EU Commission in order to get the deal approved. In a stance that almost emulates a we are not fussed how we reach our goal just that we do.

Such a scrapping of the renewables target for some including the UK would be a huge boost for proliferation of various other renewable methods including shale to ensure that they reach their goal more cost effectively. It is looking considerably likely that the 40% will stay despite some lesser nations arguing for 35% but what will be more interesting watch before the release of the report this coming Wednesday will be the role renewable targets will play within the final decisions.

Renewable goals when discussing 2020 and 2030 projections are often the root of fierce debate with the current ruling that by 2020 20% of a countries energy should be coming from a biomass, wind, solar thermal/pv etc renewable source. But with many members in objection to this to the extent where fierce lobbying has been conducted around Brussels daily to try and have this cut, Wednesdays announcement is surely set to leave some despondent. Particularly when although certain members like the UK and Germany agree on the emissions target but are divided on the renewable issue, with other countries such as France and Italy in favor of it staying.

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Hold Up Of EU Proposal Due To Renewable Targets
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January 23, 2014
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