Green is for everyone

At Solar King we are always striving to banish myths and today we are focusing on the misconception that being sustainable is only for those who can afford it. The truth is, being ‘green’ is for anyone who understands the truth behind the benefits and how it can make a difference to the environment.

One way you can do your bit is by choosing solar energy. At Solar King it’s our mission to educate the UK in relation to solar panels and how they can help you. With government grants and the ability to cut costs on your electricity bill, choosing solar energy is something that our customers never regret. Another misconception in the UK regarding solar panels is that they only work with sun and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, solar panels can generate energy just off daylight and they don’t have to be in direct sun light to work.

This is something that sometimes comes as quite a shock to a lot of our potential customers and is often the deciding factor that gives them the push to go with solar energy. Offering the ability to reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill, find out how to get started today with a free quote specifically for your home.

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