Generate Free Electricity!

The thought of living off the national grid and providing for oneself was once a dream only the rich could afford but with the advances in technology everyone is free to enjoy living off solar energy. Why wouldn’t you invest in solar energy? In 2002 the Earth received more solar energy in one hour then the World used in one year. This renewable energy source is within reach for everyone to enjoy and furthermore you could be generating free electricity with Solar King installations.

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Investing in solar energy is called an investment because of the governments Feed in Tariff scheme. The scheme is designed to pay you an amount for every unit of electricity your system generates and furthermore will pay an amount for all unused electricity exported back to the national grid. As other energy sources become scarce, by investing in solar energy you are also protecting yourself from rising utility prices. With the savings you make on your current utility bills by switching to solar power, plus the Feed in tariff scheme could generate an attractive return on investment. Here at Solar King UK we also offer a 25 year guarantee on our solar panel installations, so you have 25 years of living worry free knowing if anything goes wrong with your system we’ll be there to ensure it’s back to work as effectively as it should.

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