Further Signs That Big Business Is Not Put Off Investing In Solar

Angus council has just motioned that a proposed a large scale solar panels Scotland project in the area of Dundee area should now reach the public consolidation phase. What is appealing to the council is that the energy company involved rather than looking into green belt or dubious brown belt land is looking to invest in a former airfield and to out the area to use once again.

Angus Council

Will The Angus Community Welcome A Solar Panel Facility

This is what the public offering will hope to discover, while such debates can often be uncertain it will be the job of the energy company involved (GCR) to promote the project to local residents and explain why there actions of bringing an unused area of landscape back into action.

The Solar Farm Could Generate Over 25MW Or Clean Electricity

Such a project would be eligible for government subsidies due to the sheer scale of the plans on offer but it is the Scottish energy system as a whole that would likely benefit given the amount of energy that will be added to the grid.

£30M In Installation Costs

The installation cost themselves are staggering but when you consider what the potential to the economy could be in relation to the energy and the job creation it surely would be a mitigating cost that would be worth paying given the increasing energy costs that the UK currently has to meet.

Will A Positive Public Offering Mean The Solar Plans Go Ahead

The public offering will just be one further step taken to getting the plan approved and after this the project will have to lodge a full planning application will drill down into all the key areas of finance, logistics and long term effects. With GCR claiming that the area would still be able to be used by the farmer who put the initial application forward they are looking to prove that the land will still be useable after the solar installation.

solar panel farm

Wind Power May Also Be An Option

What is also interesting is that their is a joint project on offer to challenge the solar PV installation, with a rival wind turbine farm also being proposed. It will be interesting to see the public reaction to both campaigns given that a proportion of residents are likely to be aggrieved at their rural way of life being effecting as is often the case in such scenarios. The council are also open to this offering even given that the company involved in the process will be looking to install the project to the tune of £90M. So it’s clear to see that all interested parties view the potential of the land as worth the considerable costs involved.

Key To Approval Will Be Down To Transparency And Local Interaction

As we have reported on numerous times studies always show that the local residents are far more receptive if the solar planning proposals are transparent and also if there is a degree of community integration into the plans. This could prove a deciding factor and should any of the proposals be it wind turbine or solar panels companies take this approach they could find themselves as the favored choice.

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Further Signs That Big Business Is Not Put Off Investing In Solar
Just how big business is looking to address the long term needs of energy

SolarKing UK
large scale solar investment, solar power projects
The way in which big business could do more to adopt renewable energy.

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February 25, 2014
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