EU To Sets New Rules For Renewable Energy Targets

As reported yesterday there had been allot of conjecture about what the EU Commissions forth coming report would put forward with many fearing a increases in targets and also the whole binding and unbinding targets issue surrounding. With many European Minsters lobbying Brussels for a change to the current country by country target structure of target setting. It now appears as though the lobbyists have got their way with Brussels now agreeing to the climb down.

The enforced national targets set by the EU is now set to be scrapped with a collective goal for all EU member sates now deemed the best way forward. This is what major countries such as Spain, Italy and the UK had been pushing for. Although not set to take effect straight away (this begins post 2020 targets). From The EU Commissions point of view this is far from being seen as a policy backtrack but more of an acceptance that the target structure had forced up fuel bills in many EU countries due to the incentives and subsidies paid for to a degree by ordinary citizens via various different energy market/taxation structures. None more so than in the UK via the green tax added to off the grid electricity bills which has caused a recent storm.

What is set to be interesting following the release of the EU Commission’s statement is how far they will in the coming months and years be aligned with the European Union’s “2030 framework for climate and energy” dossier which proposes to keep the binding target but with out specified plans on how carbon emissions are cut but just that they are. This could set alarm bells ringing for many in the renewable sector if such plans were to ever be ratified due to the emergence of energy sources as shale gas which as we know is produced at a significant cost in comparison to large solar panels schemes, offshore wind farms and large scale solar thermal projects.

However within the UK and for that matter other EU country’s governments this would be seen as a huge advantage to decide how to cut carbon emissions based on their best interests. The ability to determine the best way to meet their obligations as opposed to having to follow directives from Brussels can ultimately only be seen as good thing from a policy point of view.

This as already been highlighted by members in Brussels that stated ” To have unrestricted options can only be seen as a positive so that we can pick our own cost effective solutions to reduce emissions”. Such statements from UK representatives are set to see the renewable industry infrastructure becoming very interesting especially in the wake of government admissions in the UK they are looking to improve competition to bring sustainable project costs down.

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EU To Sets New Rules For Renewable Energy Targets
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January 22, 2014
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