Energy Saving Tips From Solarking

These days it’s becoming imperative that we’re careful with the amount of energy we use, not only due to the rising costs of those pesky energy bills but also because of the diminishing source of fossil fuels that we have left and the damage the consumption of this source is having on our environment. So of course you’ll be well aware that to help make a difference to both your costs and the environment switching to an alternative energy source is the best option. However there are also a couple of smaller tasks which you can do to help your property conserve energy. Take a look at our tips here from Solarking UK.

  1. Ensure radiators in the home are free from covering. Many homeowners make the mistake of placing furniture or blankets in front of these vents which sounds pretty obvious but completely blocks the heating you’re paying for from being released. So keep them clear and allow your heating to be more efficient meaning you can turn it off sooner!
  2. If you know you’ll be leaving a room for more than 5 minutes turn the light off! Again sounds simple but so many of us leave lights on for hours when there’s no one anywhere near the room.
  3. When you brush your teeth, wash your hands or take a shower, remember how much water you’re using. Many people forget that running water is a waste of energy, and can be careless with it. So turn off the tap between rinses for your toothbrush, and take more showers instead of baths!

Make these small changes and you’ll be making a huge contribution to our environment and you’ll get a nice surprise with your energy bills too no doubt. And if you want to make an even bigger contribution get in touch with Solarking UK and see how you can switch to solar power for your property.

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