Energy Minister Says Public Buildings Could Be The Key

The Energy Minister has been discussing ambitious plans for the UK government to increase solar projects by over a Giga watts worth of new renewable energy generation. What is interesting about the proposal is that rather adhering to the new area of large scale solar panel farms his proposal is to utilize the vast array of public and governmental buildings.

As expected any large scale governmental policy change is expected to be met with critisms and objections especially due to recent government reactions to appease disgruntled UK residents who had made stern objections to the their bills funding green incentives. Due to the non transparent nature that many UK residents had been funding the green sector is highly likely that any such new energy cap, tariff is likely also not to get public backing.

This being said the ambitious plans could certainly make use of the government facilities up and down the country which would include schools, prisons, hospitals and more. The Energy Minister Mr Barker already foreseeing objections to his plans stated he would look to be unrelenting in his goal to make the UK government a leader in solar power proliferation. Further reiterating his point that the government infrastructure played a vital role in making this achievable.

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Based on findings from renewable associations Mr Barker is formulating his plans before preparing them for committee to outline the potential unlocking medium to large rooftops can provide. It has been noted that a reluctance to capitalize on our infrastructure has seen us fall behind many other EU competitors but government approval and investment could go a long way to closing the gap. One of the key points that Mr Baker and the renewable associations involved in tabling the plan is the cost feasibility of such solar generation plans far outweighs that of a similar renewable generation projects.

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Energy Minister Says Public Buildings Could Be The Key
the way in which the government is looking to utilise renewable installation s in the future.

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January 16, 2014
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