Energy Minister Calls Again For No Binding Renewable Targets

While many EU countries have welcomed the news of a binding 2030 target the UK including a number of other EU members states have looked to have the new measure ruled out. But with the EU signaling they want members to back the move it certainly looks clear that there is set to be a large amount of conjecture in Brussels over the issue.

UK energy minister

The UK Does Support Binding Contracts

While on the surface it may appear that the UK is being uncooperative to the needs of the EU this isn’t the case as they do back the moves and in effect were very welcoming of the Carbon binding contracts of 40% however it is the specifics that surround the 27% target of renewable that the UK say is detrimental to all the hard work the wind, solar power and other renewable markets have done within the country.

Is The EU Not Being Flexible Over The 2030 Binding targets

This is the issue that currently Mr Davey would like discussions and altering of the current ruling to address. It’s claimed that a binding of renewable targets should not be based collectively and that doing so makes it more difficult for member states to meet their targets in an effective and cost efficient way.

REA organisation

Could Binding Targets Damage Renewable Investment

This is the opinion from REA who state that any look towards simply just doing what is required to meet the collective target will leave the UK in a position of lacking to fill the the wind, solar PV and other renewable investment that it needs not just for facilities but for investment into next generation energy solutions.

The Investment Gap Needs Shortening Not Widening

Any move to limit the potential investment is understandably being criticized by energy spectators. While the government is looking to oppose such moves on binding renewable targets this is driven by their want to invest in varied sources of energy such as shale gas, while on the other hand green campaigners are concerned with how such binding agreements will effect the governments desire to invest in future wind, solar PV, hydro electric and other emerging renewable solutions. Thus while the concern of both sides are different they are both opposed to any potential limitations this will place on developing the UK’s energy structure.

The UK Is Look For A Target Of 50% Carbon Reduction

While considerable ambitious is thought that the Energy Minister is more in support of carbon reductions in the realm of 50% as opposed to the 40% that have been agreed on. It is hoped that in doing so a more advantageous climate deal can be reached between member states.

Will the Details of The New EC Targets Be Ratified

This does wait to be seen with many countries having their own concerns and with the UK stating they will not be approving the 27% binding renewable target agreement. Thus it is hoped that clarity from The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) will help to bridge the division and represent a clearer understanding of how the new European Commission guidelines can work.

The European Renewable Energy Council

How Will The 2030 Binding Targets Be Enforced

This just remain a sticking point within EU and a point that has been acknowledged by The EREC and thus any future governance of renewable projects be it wind, solar power, hydro electric and even shale gas and how they effect an individual member state including the overall target waits to be seen.

Can A Binding Target Be Fair

This is another key sticking point given that countries such as the UK, Germany and Italy have invested heavily in renewable such as solar panels and new entrants to the EU Romania, Poland etc are far behind in the renewable investment stakes; such issues represent areas where more clarity is needed.

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Energy Minister Calls Again For No Binding Renewable Targets
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March 4, 2014
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