DECC Lays Out Claims For A £50M Government Green Deal Saving Through Failure

If ever there was a case for a silver lining this could certainly be it, while not for the general population but for the governments finances. The recent launch of The Green Deal by the government which was to be seen as a viable way for UK residents to install energy saving measures from solar panels to t has failed to take off as expected. Some of the finding to come out of the department for national statistics would make rather hard reading for the Energy Minister. criticism from energy analysts and different market leaders has been scathing, ranging from unclear clarity of the project, not promoting the scheme enough and more importantly that the scheme just isn’t appealing to UK residents.

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This last point is the issue that many Green Deal providers are most skeptical of, this can be backed up further by this point when you realize that over 95% of all assessments conducted by accredited assessors and providers were rejected as they weren’t considered appealing enough by the homeowner to take up. This is of no surprise as we have revealed in the past that many contractors who were considering becoming accredited have opted not to as they can offer advice on better rated for homeowners when compared to the governments scheme. With the Energy minister now acknowledging that they got their figures wrong while insiders have been more adamant that they just haven’t produced what they promised.

Over £50M of set aside money remains unspent which is likely to please the chancellor if the scheme is to be discontinued but is surely going to annoy contractors who signed up to the Green Deal only to find that the government lost faith in the initiative. Although any talks of project failures can be deemed premature, the ability to get the scheme back on track will take a huge effort from the government one to first publicize the scheme to gain interest and secondly and more importantly to make it appealing to a homeowner who is planning to install a solar PV or thermal system.

While the official line from the government for under spend has been due to supply chain issues leading to the previously budgeted £170M being left with over £50M in reserve. Going forward the Energy Minister may not have the benefit of first year teething problems should the scheme’s second year results prove to be a vastly miscalculated.

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DECC Lays Out Claims For A £50M Government Green Deal Saving Through Failure
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January 28, 2014
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