Could Solar Installations Hold The Key To Increased Wildlife

This is theory being proposed from a recent report by some of the UK’s leading green groups who have stated that the large scale solar power projects when constructed over large arable land only actually take control of under 10% of the land they are installed on.

Solar and wildlife

How Could Solar Installations Help Wildlife Thrive

While this isn’t really concerned with the domestic market this is more for solar pv farms and other large scale projects which are constructed via A-frames. Allot of this was based on notion that they can provide natural light and shade to habitats that exist within the UK wild. While it is unlikely that such a proposition would be largely accepted by many people concerned with nature given the blight that many say solar panel installs can have on the landscape the report does take an unusual approach to how solar can be utilized for the environment.

Why The Idea Has Received Backing From Solar Authorities

While you may expect many Solar authorities to want to point to the positives relating to the generation of electricity the report was partly commissioned by the Solar Trade Association and the findings have been backed by the organization. The key point what the organization has stressed is that they are committed to shed light on the multiple benefits that solar can provide and they are pleased with the recent findings of the additional benefits which can be provided via solar as a source of nature cultivation.

Are Large Scale Solar Projects Likely To Be Utilized For Nature Cultivation In The Coming Years

While any such proposition would likely fail in any planning attempts due to the amount of increase scrutiny commercial installs contain compared to conventional systems. What however we could well likely see is such issues now being pointed out by planners in attempt to increase the chances of having projects passed. With a direct correlation between a solar project and the potential of wildlife to thrive a welcome mix for investors and thus making a solar project harder to turn around.

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Can The Solar Wildlife Study Be Taken Seriously

While as of this point such findings have been being going through a best practice report via the BRE NSC the likelihood of seeing such installations being vastly increased are likely to be far of the mark. What is however far more likely is that we will see a number of test cases take shape and be monitored to indeed find out if the notion of large scale solar panel installations and growth in wildlife holds any weight.

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April 30, 2014
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