Commercial Solar Panels Appealing to America’s Masses

Businesses appear to have more of a responsibility when it comes to a public image regarding their stance on the environment and cutting climate change. After all we take our cue from so many mediums it’s not surprising that they need to be showing they have voice. Looking through the news and it seems USA is leading the way with corporate America installing rooftop solar panels on so many large organisations (Google is a great example of this). The latest business to make the switch is retail giant Walmart who is planning on installing rooftop solar panels to 27 of its stores.

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A 2008 initiative by a local governor in Massachusetts to encourage the use of alternative energy at large retail buildings seems to have spurred on the store to make the changes. Other retail outlets in the Massachusetts area also followed suit with even local stop & shop’s jumping on the bandwagon. It doesn’t just stop in Massachusetts as other states follow suit with solar energy applications like Indianapolis who have submitted an application to install solar panels on all city-owned rooftops.

It seems the message about climate change and solar energy being the answer is finally being listened too. President Obama has previously spoken about his push for clean energy jobs and announcing $2 billion in funding for construction of some of the World’s largest solar energy plants. Maybe Massachusetts and Indianapolis are showing their support for Obama in the upcoming presidential election or maybe they realise the potential in solar energy for themselves.

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Commercial Solar Panels Appealing to America’s Masses
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November 28, 2014
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