Can Scotland Continue To Be The Leader In UK Renewable Energy

It is of no surprise that recent figures released by the Committee on Climate Change have shown that Scotland is the leading nation within the UK in renewable energy that has made the most significant steps towards cutting carbon emissions. Their rise as been quite impressive with the country having cut carbon levels by close to 10% in the last 3 years which is compared to 7% for the rest of the Britain across the same period in time. Scotland is often commended for how it has grasped renewable technology especially wind power; while they have adopted other area such as solar pv power and hydro electric in smaller amounts it is wind that the country has installed in greater capacity year on year.

Committee for Climate Change

Over 23% Cut From Domestic Energy Requirements

This is the impressive amount that the Scottish nation has been able to leave in the grid due to their appetite for renewable energy. While not only renewables can be attributed to this as the country has also invested money into upgrading their nuclear powers stations all of this has led them to only narrowly miss their ambitious annul targets. Such investment has been commended by the Committee on Climate Change CCC and has been highlighted by energy observers as an example that other nations within the UK should follow.

How Much Does Scotland Rely On Government Funding]

While it’s true that Scotland has had far more in subsidized investment from Westminster than has been issued towards other nations this should be seen as a positive as opposed to a negative from skeptics. They have grasped renewable energy and now this is proving dividends as commercially there has also been a reduction in the amount that businesses are taking out of the grid to the tune of over 15% within the last 3 years. While as stated there is concern that the country has built such an array of wind power compared to investing in other much cheaper solutions such as solar power it’s argued the reason for this is obvious given the country’s location and amount of offshore potential for the generation from this source.

Scottish Wind Energy

Can Scotland Improve On Its Renewable Industry

While as said they have been praised for their commitment by the CCC they have also been encouraged to invest in other areas for the future. Some of the main areas suggested by the CCC to invest in are renewable heating in the form of biomass and solar thermal power. Also to increase their renewable scope further outside that of wind power to include the aforementioned solar power, hydro electric and more. A bigger drive into initiatives such as the ECO scheme due to the recorded drop in the number of homes having installation installed. There are also wider objectives to increase renewable transport within the nation whether publicly or privately to increase energy efficiency on the roads.

Could Independence Effect The Growth Of Renewable In Scotland

It’s true that all of the hard work carried out by the nation to boost there renewable infrastructure could be seriously reduced by the stop of finance from London although the leader of the SNP has been quick to quash such a statement claiming it is the UK that will rely more on their services than the other way around. The SNP leader said they also plan to further the industry whether they stay in or out of the UK as the industry is so beneficial to the nation not just from an energy standpoint but also from an employment standpoint due to the large numbers that work within the solar panels Scotland sector. With the Scottish government already sending out a clear message to this effect by sending out delegations to the western isles of the country to look to gauge communities feelings towards investment into renewable energy from wind, hydro and solar PV power within these regions with the general consensus being that they would like such projects to go ahead.

Scottish Solar Farm

What Lessons Can Be Learned By Other UK Nations

The message it fairly obvious that by adopting the incentives on offer in large amounts substantial change can occur to a nations efficiency and market prospects. While the country has grown their renewable infrastructure they have also taken on board guidance from the industry insiders on how to improve other areas of the market such as looking to increase solar thermal and solar panels installs either though government initiatives or private funding. Such lack of acknowledgement from industry insiders and under investment has been a constant thorn in the other UK governments as they have continually criticized for this.

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March 28, 2014
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