California Leading The Way In Solar Thermal Production

While of late there has been an unease with some large renewable energy corporations regarding future government baking into renewable solar power, wind and other projects it appears the USA is under no such cloud. This is due to a three tier renewable mega facility beginning to generate in California.

Ivanpah solar panels

Solar Generation Of Over 390MW

Based in the desert of California the Ivanpah solar project it is set to provide close to 150,000 homes with electricity through utilization of solar thermal and solar Panels. Based in Ivanpah the facility which is operated by NRG energy utilizes some of the latest technology and the savings are set to be impressive not just to electricity bills but to actual emissions being released

Over 350K In Carbon Dioxide Savings

This will represent an astounding percentage in CO2 savings in the effect of cutting the emission to the equivalent of 70,000 cars from the country’s roads. While the investment for the project was to scale notseen internationally previously as with all large scale solar projects the numbers look towards very positive outcomes.

Is Helistat Solar Power Production A Possibility For All

While this technology is a leader in it’s ability to generate an impressive yield due to the nature of it’s trajectory following of the sun the result would likely vary depending on the environment they are placed within. Simply put a helistat project would not run as efficiently to substantiate the extra expense in a UK location especially the further north you travel. The cutting edge solar tower technology utilizes up to 95% less water than similar solar thermal plants as a result of dry cooling, this uses the air to condense the steam. This operates similar to a method we discussed recently which would utilize the heat from waste that was being run by Viridor. The key point here to recognize is how far technology has come and is likewise being proliferated.

helistat solar panels

The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility Accounts For A Quarter Of U.S. Solar thermal Production

This alone is a standout fact however when this is joined with the other systems the capacity potential and varied output ability of the facility will truly be the envy of other nations around the world looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Could The UK Ever Produce Solar Energy To The Scale Of Ivanpah

In the current circumstance with renewable energy yield in UK government looking towards shale gas the prospect of a scheme remotely close to this being funded by the government look remotely unlikely. However given the amount of private investment that has still been looking for ways to enter the market or upscale their renewable goals, IKEA being a prime example their is potential scope for such a project. Along with a potential move for greater collaboration by EU members given the joining of renewable targets if such a projects doesn’t happen within the UK the Likes of such a facility occurring within the EU consisting of some form of UK intervention are definitely feasible.

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California Leading The Way In Solar Thermal Production
The U.S. is leading the way in solar thermal projects.

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Just how America is vastly increasing it’s solar thermal utilisation.

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February 20, 2014
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