Brixton Winner in Solar Awards

Britain’s first urban community-possessed solar power project in Brixton, Lambeth, has scooped an award within the Sustainable Housing Finance category, which remembers projects which are in the vanguard of housing sustainability best practice.

Brixton Energy Photo voltaic 1 is co-created by Lambeth Council and Repowering solar panels London with support from local citizens. Funding for that project was elevated via a share offer that attracted traders in the neighborhood and through the United kingdom.

The solar power panels are found on the roofs of the building around the Loughborough Estate in Brixton. The sections began producing electricity in March 2012 and also, since then have exceeded the annual generation target by 28%, despite among the wettest summer season on record.

Co-founder and manager of Brixton Energy, Agamemnon Otero, stated: “Brixton Solar Power 1 proves that it truly is feasible for clean energy to make sense financially. Enhancing the atmosphere by creating clean energy doesn’t need to be pricey and winning this award underscores the stability from the project’s business design, that can bring traders coming back of threePercent p/a.”

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Brixton Winner in Solar Awards
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October 24, 2012
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