Asia-Pacific Solar is Soaring

The latest in solar research shows that the Asia-Pacific region is becoming the industry’s largest market when it comes to photovoltaic energy.

The research states that Asia’s PV market is set to increase by a whopping 39% in the last quarter of this year. And even more impressively if we look at the numbers annually, between the end of last year and the end of this year the regions market will have had a huge 130% growth!

China alone will account for nearly half of the region’s demand in the last quarter of this year and will only continue to grow. Therefore China will be under immense pressure to supply the goods and is set to take over the USA in the photovoltaic front, yet another defeat by China in the solar market.

However China isn’t alone, India’s national renewable energy program has resulted in some pretty impressive outcomes along with the fact that both India and China are two of the world’s largest growing economies, capable of funding many large utility scale solar projects.

So if you want to start investing in solar technology do it with Solarking UK and you could be reaping the benefits of clean, renewable energy a lot sooner than you think.

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