Are Solar Panel Homes The Future

As we reported only last week the trend for more energy efficient homes has progressively been increasing and thus so has the nature of the extent that construction companies are going to in producing more and more energy efficient dwellings. Where as last week we discussed the first fully carbon neutral town, this week we are taking a look into the development of completely solar reliant homes.

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100% Solar Fueled Homes

Where as it common practice with properties installed with solar thermal and solar panels to receive a substantial proportion of all energy generated there is as always the inability to reach capacity. However the 100% solar powered home could be here sooner than you think.

Will A Home Fueled Completely By Solar Be Possible

It appears the answer to this will be yes and a lot sooner than was previously possible with suppliers now looking at ways to incorporate all of the leading technologies to push through next generation home energy systems that will be able to generate, store and utilize energy morning, noon and night. The ability to produce a fully neutral home purely from the sun is an objective that solar pv technology companies and suppliers have been working towards for since the initiation of solar powered energy came to fruition.

The Combination of Solar Solutions Is Key To Achieving Carbon Neutral Homes

For carbon neutral homes to be achievable the application of various previously sole run systems have to be integrated to produce an extremely efficient solar powered system. The system incorporates the previously discussed solar PV-t technology as well as the solar energy storage and a heat pump technology.

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Trials Have Been Successful

Although yet to be classified as a certain solar offering to the domestic market the UK trials have proved successful with the systems being able to convert a home to a completely carbon neutral state. With many interested parties from construction companies casting an eye and enquiring of future feasibility for their projects it appears the combination of technologies has a future in the development of new homes

Can The New systems Be Run Efficiently

The main emphasis on the project was firstly feasibility and then second manageability of all the elements. Once it was deemed possible the whole system had to be integrated into one self contained management system. With this being achieved and the trials being so positive the developers now believe that the systems could be available in the not to distant future.

What Could Stop The Potential Of The New Solar Energy Systems

In effect what stops most new technology from breaking the market the factor of costs, while there are many interested parties the costing of such systems will potentially see a small group of contractors investing with an increased number of buyers signing up should costs fall.

Competitors Will Be Quick On The Uptake

This is always a concern for new developers of technology, how reinforced are the barriers to entry for new competition. In the energy market it’s fair to say that competition is never far behind and in this scenario although the initial developers are using patented products there are different variations of solar storage devices on the market as well as multiple heat pump operations and so it is the solar PV-T collectors that may form the basis of any competition restrictions. However with new technologies constantly being developed as we often release here whether an investor buys into a self containing system of 2nd or third generation panels the future is definitely bright for the solar industry.

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Are Solar Panel Homes The Future
How solar powered homes will be the answer to long term energy shortages

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February 12, 2014
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