Are Smart Energy Meters Receiving The Public Backing They Deserve

Although heralded as the future for energy management with ability for homes to better manage their homes energy output a recent study has criticized many involved from energy providers to manufacturers from not doing more to generate interest in the new technology.

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Renewable Energy Leads The Way With Smart Monitoring Systems

While in the past it has mainly been the technology used by users of renewable energy i.e. the owners of solar power systems, solar thermal etc have been able to monitor their systems performance and how the energy is being used by their homes down to the finest KW in electric or degree in heating. Ask most proprietors of this technology from a renewable background and they will state the significance this technology as had on their energy habits and reducing their bills and not just from a green energy standpoint. It now hoped that the home meters can replicate the success that the monitoring systems have brought to renewable run homes.

Future Energy Transmission Requires The Change

Due to the increasing electricity demands the government have been rolling out smart energy grids although not in large numbers they are increasing and there operation with smart meters is seen as key to the energy management of the UK grid system. They will be able to better cope with surges, storage of energy and utilization between conventional and renewable energy from such things as large scale wind and solar panel projects.

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How Could Sceptics Damage The Transition To Smart Meters

The report* has highlighted poor publicizing of the need and understanding behind the systems as one of the key reasons for miscommunications surrounding the technology as many have not clear picture of how the systems actually work. It’s transparency that is the key for the domestic and business industries as the study reported on the approval towards change.

Listening To The Concern Is Key

Highlighted are a number concerns that need to be focused upon by all involved, as of present it appears lack of data is a problem for potential projects. Also an understanding on best practices and how the smart grids and smart monitors can benefit businesses and homes need better explaining.

Could Lack Of Understanding Halt The Smart Revolution

It appears this could be the case at present as the government is spending vast amounts of money putting the infrastructure in pace but missing the most important area of ensuring a successful transition. This being a steady and controlled breakdown to all involved of what this revolutionary technology is going to provide.

Could The Transition To Smart Monitoring Fail

The chances are this isn’t going to happen as the government is investing vast amounts of money thus at some point soon or a little into the future it will be the case that installing the technology to a home or business is required. The only issue is by the time it occurs how much will we know about it and will we be happy with the change.

report by Exeter University

Smart Monitoring Will Offer Better Long Term Benefits With Renewable Energy

With the government recently awarding funding in the search for better energy storage facilities which would work in-conjunction with smart monitoring it’s clear that efficient utilization of energy from such technology as solar panels and wind generation is key to the governments future energy plans.

**Report Commissioned by the University Of Exeter

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Are Smart Energy Meters Receiving The Public Backing They Deserve
How energy meters are playing a greater role in the conventional and renewable power market

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February 27, 2014
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