Are Large Scale Solar Project Back On The UK Agenda

While over recent months we have repeatedly reported on the amount of projects that have been either stalled or canceled due to lack of stakeholder confidence based on the governments unwillingness to express their position long term for the renewable energy industry. However given the recent budget review and the desired intention stated by the chancellor to continue the UK’s development of the industry the positive effect has now begun to take place especially given the number of projects that have now either recommenced or have been submitted for planning.

large scale solar projects

How Much Could The Solar Industry Grow in the coming Years

Given the recent assertions from one of the largest solar pv manufacturers REC stating that the UK is now their largest export destination this does represent a market that is currently buoyant. Given also the amount of private investment that Solar energy industry is currently receiving as well as the amount of spending via government products set to increase it does now appear that the lull which had blighted the market across the second half of 2013 is beginning to subside.

Which Industry, Domestic Or Commercial Will Benefit Most

While the domestic market has been buoyant it is the commercial market which needed this current resurgence which now appears to be taking shape. The chancellor’s stated desire to increase solar production appears to have had the desired effect. There have been some notable solar power projects that are now underway. One of the more ambitious plans which is due to commence this summer is the Kinmel bay a solar panels wales facility should it receive it’s planning approval.

Why Is the Kinmel Bay Solar Panel Project Notable

Undoubtedly the size of the project has many analysts predicting this as the sign of things to come in the future. With the government drastically looking to one meet EU targets while vastly decrease energy imports the Kinmel Bay project represents an area in which the government will now refocus much attention. The project itself is set to cover an area of close to 50 hectares.

5000 Homes Supplied With Green Energy

This is the very impressive figure that the project will be able to supply to the domestic market. While final plans are to be weighed up by Conwy council the coming months could see the project go ahead. With the facility looking to produce up to 24MW of energy this is likely to be the start of the new breed of large scale solar power projects which the government wants to see up and running sooner rather than later.

What Could The Kinmel Bay Solar Project Mean To The Local Area

Despite the obvious benefits of generated electricity being able to subsidies local energy prices there is also the added benefit this is likely to bring to the local economy. This is due to the estimated amount of jobs the facility will be able to bring to the area with the numbers of over one hundred new positions expected to be made available. As well as the economical issues are also the natural with the providers of the facility stating that no wildlife will be displaced and that free grazing of all live stock will be able to continue within the area.

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May 2, 2014
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