Adoption of solar technology in the UK

We don’t really put sunshine and the British weather in the same sentence very often so maybe you’re wondering why you would invest in solar technology in the UK. Technological advancements have allowed solar energy to be captured even in the UK‘s typical dull, cloudy weather as the system is designed to work by daylight not bright sunshine.  In 60 minutes the earth is hit by more sunlight than the entire population uses in one year and using our developments in converting solar power into a renewable energy source there’s never been a better time to invest in solar panels UK.

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We are now paying higher utility prices with confusing and complex pricing structures and many households are paying over 10% of their income on heating costs. With the government backed Feed in Tariff scheme for UK solar energy, along with savings you can make on your current bill, can generate a returned investment of between 10 – 15% so it’s no wonder that in the past 15 years solar energy has rocketed by 20%.

If this hasn’t prompted you to make the switch think about how you are also doing your bit for the environment and helping to combat climate change. So why not make thinks simpler and financially beneficial to you and invest in solar technology in the UK.

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Adoption of solar technology in the UK
Just how the demand in the UK for domestic solar energy continues to grow

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Solar panel uptake, Growth in Uk solar investment
Uptake in UK solar continues to grow

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March 09, 2012
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