Leading Renewable Accreditations

ISO9001: SolarKingUK are a fully ISO9001 compliant and registered this means we are continually audited to ensure our procedures and processes are vetted to maintain high levels of customer compliance. As such we have stringent regulated customer procedures in place for all areas from complaints to remedial, after care and more. As such we look to provide an exceptional long term partnership between the company and the customers.

RECC: this is a must. Similar to how Gas Safe oversees the gas/heating industry it is RECC who set the guidelines and audit all members to ensure clear and concise compliance with UK solar regulation codes of conduct.

MCS: This is to safeguard that the products being used reach an accredited level and also that the installers of a system ascertain high levels of professionalism within the field. MCS acts as a mark of quality and dedication of compliance that companies should strive to achieve.

NICEIC: As an accredited NICEIC member we are regulated and all aspects of your installs electrics are of the highest standards. As such this means all areas of our core obligations to our customers are met and necessary requirements fulfilled. This means at every stage our customers receive the finest electrical services.

HIES: This stands for “Home Insulation and Energy Systems” and it represents and insurance backed guarantee. This is a relatively new initiative and one our members are signed up to. HIES represents one of the finest insurance backed guarantees available on the market, it operates by offering a secondary safeguard against all of the guarantees that the company with which you are having measures provided by. For SolarkingUK customers this means they are installing measures and their guarantees and warranties will still be covered under HIES. As such this represents an independent and additional layer of security for the measures you have installed.

FCA: The Financial Conduct Authority represent the government seal of approval for all companies who are offering finance for their products and services. The FCA are accountable, although not run by the government and ensure clear and transparent financial operations within the UK by their members. If you are looking for finance for any measures you are looking to have undertaken you can rest easy in the knowledge that the finance on offer from our company will have been FCA approved for our consumers. As such the terms and conditions of any finance on offer will have been vetted by the FCA for our consumers protection.

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